Zoning Board of Appeals

Zoning Board of Appeals has the following duties: 1. The review, on appeal, of any person aggrieved by a ruling of the Zoning Officer charged with enforcement of the zoning chapter of by any other officer, department or board of the city concerning the interpretation of the zoning code. 2. When a property owner or his agent shows that a strict application of the terms of the zoning chapter relating to the use, construction or alteration of buildings and structures or the use of land, imposes upon him, practical difficulties or particular hardship, then the Board of Appeals may recommend such variances of the strict application of the terms of the zoning chapter as are in harmony with its general purpose and intent when the Board is satisfied, under the evidence heard before it, that such variance will not merely serve as a convenience to the applicant , but is necessary to alleviate some demonstrable hardship or difficulty so great as to warrant a variance from the provisions of the zoning chapter, or in the following instances:
  • To permit the extension of a district where the boundary line of a district divides a lot in single ownership as shown on record prior to the date of the passage of the zoning chapter.
  • To permit a front yard, side yard or a rear yard less that that required by the zoning chapter, but such variation shall not exceed 25% of the depth of the front yeard, or the depth of the rear yard, or the width of the side yard, as required by the zoning chapter.
  • To permit a building to exceed the height limit by not more that 10% of the height limit established.
  • To permit the use of a lot less in area by not more than 20% of the lot area required.
  • To permit the use of a lot less in width by not more that 20% of the lot width.
  • To permit coverage of a lot in excess of 35% of the lot area but not more that 50% of the lot area as required by the zoning chapter.


Jeremy Peart 5277 04/25/16 04/30/26
Stephen W. Brackett 5277 05/23/16 04/30/26
Brenda Kuffel 5272 02/22/21 04/30/26
Jim Ensley 5216 04/27/20 04/30/25
Jerry Thompson 5277 04/25/16 04/30/26
David McIntyre 5395 05/13/13 04/30/28
Daniel Martinez 5273 03/08/21 04/30/26

Meeting Dates:
The Zoning Board of Appeals meets on the 3rd Wednesday every month, when necessary.