flagandstoneThe City currently has over 110 acres of cemetery plots.  The care and maintenance of the land is provided by the Cemetery Department.  The Cemetery Department is comprised of two full-time employees year round, with a contingent of seasonal employees that work during the mowing season to mow and string trim the grounds.
As with any cemetery, the City allows for decorations to be placed at a loved one's grave.  However, there are limitations to the placement of decorations allowed.  Glass and all breakable containers are not allowed on lots.  If placed in the cemetery, they will be removed.  All plants should be placed in pots, with no plants set in the ground.  There is a maximum of two plants per grave.  All flowers, plants, memorials, etc. (artificial or alive) must be placed next to a headstone in a manner so as not to interfere with mowing.

The city conducts a cleanup period every spring and fall.  The spring period is March 20 through March 31, and the fall period is October 20 through October 31.  During these periods all decorations are picked up and discarded.  Any decorations to be saved must be removed from the graves prior to the cleanup periods, with no new decorations placed on the graves until the cleanup is complete.  For additional information regarding cemetery rules and regulations, please review the following document:  Cemetery Pamphlet.

If you are not working with a monument company and desire to place a headstone at a loved one's grave, please download and complete the following document:  Application for Stone Permit

If you desire to purchase a lot in the Catholic Cemetery, please contact St. John Paul II Parish office at 309-852-4549.  For all other cemetery lot sales in the City of Kewanee, please contact the Cemetery Sexton at 309-853-4649.

Pricing information is contained here.  Pay lot fees here and Perpetual Care fees here.

Cemetery Regulations (Code Book)

Contact Info
Cemetery Sexton Eric  - 309-853-4649
Cemetery Clerk Jessika - 309-761-1002

Cemetery Maps are provided below as a layout of each of the cemeteries within City limits.  However, the burial data is not available on this web site at this time.  For specific burial information please contact the Cemetery Sexton.