Building & Zoning

The City of Kewanee Community Development Department administers the Building and Zoning Codes as well as Nuisance Codes within the City limits.

Building Permits for all residential and commercial projects are approved and issued through this office.

Here's a list of work that requires a Building Permit.  This list does not have every type of project that requires a Building Permit.  If in doubt, call the Director of Community Development at 309-852-2611 ext 267 or email for verification if your project requires a Building Permit.

     *  New single-family, two-family, multifamily and non-residential buildings.
     *  Building additions and structural alterations.
     *  All Accessory buildings including garages, yard and storage sheds of all types, gazebos,
        greenhouses and other accessory buildings not listed here.
     *  Porches, decks and carports.
     *  Facade changes in Business and Manufacturing districts.
     *  Swimming pools (including temporary pools over 24 inches in depth)
     *  Signs
     *  Fences
     *  Demolition of structures (house, garage, accessory buildings)

All construction must comply with the adopted Building and Zoning Codes of the City of Kewanee.  Any variations from the adopted Zoning Codes will need to be approved by the City of Kewanee Plan Commission and/or Zoning Board of Appeals before a building permit will be issued.

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