Severe Weather Spotters Network

Mission Statement:
Establish, in advance, a network of trained weather spotters that can respond (or report) during times of severe weather, to provide real time ground observations to Kewanee, IL Emergency Managers and personnel who can use that information to save lives.

Training is held annually in early March. This training is free and is open to anyone who has an interest in severe weather and its effects. You do not have to volunteer or sign up for ESDA to attend. Please contact the ESDA Coordinator, Keith Edwards at 309.852.2611 ext 267 to learn more about training dates and times.

Only those receiving spotter training by the National Weather Service will be allowed to participate in this volunteer program. In order to participate volunteers must have received their training prior to the start of the current severe storm season, or the year prior.

In order to volunteer to participate in this program, all potential spotters must complete a Volunteer Application (available from the ESDA Coordinator). The ESDA Coordinator will keep a roster of authorized and active volunteer spotters (including all conceivable contact methods, including home phone, work phone, cell phone, HAM call sign, etc...). Authorization will be based on their successful completion of training and the approval of the ESDA Coordinator, Fire and Police Chiefs of the City of Kewanee.

I'm not a HAM Radio Operator, can I still be a storm spotter?

I don't have radio equipment, how do I report?

I'd like to be a spotter but don't feel comfortable driving in stormy weather alone. Do you assign teams?

Where do I storm spot from?

How do you keep track of spotters in the field?

I want to be a spotter but have not attended the National Weather Service training, can I still be a spotter.