Economic Development

The City Council adopted a goal in 2015 to develop plans related to economic development and the 2016 Residential Survey identified Economic Development as one of the top priorities of respondents. 
A committee of volunteers was formed to develop an Economic Development Plan for the City of Kewanee.  The committee members met roughly bi-weekly to work through past planning efforts and other ideas to develop the Economic Development Plan.  Resolution #4994 to establish the City of Kewanee Economic Development Plan was approved on August 8, 2016.
Both the Economic Development and Community Development Plans contain a recommendation to establish incentives for Economic and/or Community Development.  The City Council recently adopted incentive guidelines for:

Redevelopment Programs:
Tax Increment Financing (TIF)
Enterprise Zone Incentives (BMEC)   
Building Materials Exemption Certificate Instructions

Brownfields Targeted Assessment
Facade Improvement Program 

Loan Programs:
Small Business Loan Program (COVID-19)  - Application
Kewanee Revolving Loan Program
Kewanee Small Business Interest Payment Program
Micro-Loan Application

Community Development Programs:
Demolition Grant Program
Sidewalk Replacement Program

Housing Programs:
Distressed Property Reinvestment Program  
Infill Development Program
Targeted Minor Home Repair  -  Application