City accepting applications for Dept of Corrections

The goal of the process is to build a pool of candidates for the Kewanee Facility.  As such, they are recruiting here in Kewanee, requesting anyone interested in applying to be a Correctional Officer Trainee to complete an applicant data form and turn it in by November 11 to City Hall.  The application data forms are available at City Hall, the Kewanee Facility, and Black Hawk College.  

The minimum qualifications for applicants are at least 18 years of age, high school diploma or GED, valid IL driver’s license, and to pass the screening.  The screening is a four step process – adult basic education test, physical agility, interview, and observation test.  They are anticipating holding the testing process in Kewanee later this year.  After the testing process applicants will receive their scores within 6 weeks.  The scores are based on a scale of 1 – 100, with a required minimum score of 33.  Those with passing scores will then go through the background check before being placed on the eligibility list.  Those interested were encouraged to start to get some flexibility to assist them in passing the physical agility portion of the screening process.  There is no maximum age for applicants, with past successful applicants coming from all genders and ages. 

Applicants can also earn points for college credit (2 points for every 15 hours, up 18 for a Bachelor’s Degree), military service, and promotions achieved at previous employment.  Technical schooling would be converted to credit hours to be considered equally to college credit. 

Applicants that have already tested, and chose Henry County (155 County Choice number) are done with the process, and will be placed on the eligibility list based on their scores.  If someone tested prior to Henry County being an option, and they want to change their County of preference, they should call the Central Screening Office at 217-558-2200 ext 6687. 

Applicants that are eventually offered a position would be required to attend a training academy in Springfield.  The academy is six weeks long, with transportation, room & board provided for by the Department of Corrections, with the opportunity to come home on the weekends.  It is anticipated that new recruits would begin training academy in late December to mid January. 

During the application process, applicants will be asked if they have any family or close associates who work for the Department of Corrections, but that will not preclude them from employment. 

The facility will be a unique facility in the Department of Corrections.  The goal is to reduce the level of recidivism.  This facility will house only adult males, who have a history of doing the right thing within the agency.  Those men will be returning home within a three to five year period.  The facility will focus on life skills and the reentry process.  They plan to work with the local college and other local facilities to accomplish their goals. 

The facility currently has 62 Correctional Officers that chose to stay from IYC, with an additional 50 security personnel anticipated.  Most of the staff from IYC chose to stay. There will also be a few additional clerical positions available. 

The nursing positions are provided by Wexford Health Services.  They are hiring as well. 

Correctional Officers work one of three shifts – 7 am to 3 pm, 3 pm to 11 pm, 11 pm to 7 am, with a rotating schedule that includes 2 consecutive days off. 

It is anticipated that the first inmates will arrive in November or December.