Community Development Resident Assistance Program
Let’s RAP! Well sort of. .
Community involvement! That’s what we all love about small town living! Helping your neighbor is what we do and we believe Kewanee is full of people that want to help however they can.
Kewanee’s Community Development Department issues notices for a wide variety of violations. Examples include: tall grass, landscaping debris, litter, misc. yard cleanup, fences needing repair, houses or accessory buildings needing paint etc.  Sometimes the residents that receive a violation notice want to comply but for whatever reason are not able. We want to find these folks some help! That’s where you might be able to help.
We are looking for groups of people that want to give back to our community and help those that need it. Church groups, clubs of any sort, or just a group of like-minded friends that want to lend a hand.
Introducing RAP! The Resident Assistance Program. This is strictly a volunteer program and groups capable of helping a fellow Kewanee resident are what we are looking for. It might be something as simple as picking up some sticks and debris after a storm, cleaning up some loose trash from a bag ripped open from a critter OR minor repair or painting projects.
If you are involved with a group or are interested in forming a group to volunteer and would like more information, please contact Keith Edwards at 309-852-2611 ext. 267