Fire Department - Membership
Fire Department

The Kewanee Fire Department in conjunction with the Fire and Police Commission tests for the position of firefighter. This test occurs every two years to form an eligibility list. Full-time members are selected from the list when openings in the department occur.

Interested members are encouraged to obtain any firefighting experience and courses that are available. Interested members are also encouraged to obtain and maintain an emergency medical technician (EMT) certification prior to hire.

Once hired members will be required to maintain their EMT status and certify to the Paramedic level. Other opportunities shall exist with MABAS team participation in the areas of Hazardous materials and technical rescue. All members shall be required to obtain certification in the hazardous materials to the operations level and shall be highly encouraged to become trained to the technician level.

Successful candidates will be assigned to a shift of the Kewanee fire department. This shift works for 24 hours and when relieved have a 48-hour off duty time. Each shift then continues the 24-48 hour rotation effectively working every third day handling all calls occurring on their shift. Each shift contains the make up of the following ranks:

  • Captain
  • Senior engineer
  • Junior engineer
  • Relief engineer
  • Ambulance Attendant
  • Firefighter