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Utility Billing FAQ’s

Q. Can I pay my water/sewer bill online?

A. Yes, click on the Illinois E-Pay link located on our home page or on the Public Works - Water page. Payment can be made by MasterCard, American Express, Discover, or E-Check.

Q. What are the water/sewer/garbage rates?

A. Water Rates, Sewer Rates and Garbage Rates.

Q. Where can I pay my water/sewer bill?

A. Water bills can be mailed to or paid in person at City Hall, 401 E. Third St. A 24-hour drop box is located in the east parking lot at City Hall and is conveniently placed so that you may drive up and drop off the payment without ever leaving your vehicle. Peoples National Bank, 207 S. Tremont St., also accepts regular water bill payments until two days before the due date. Penalty bills, red tags, or reconnection fees cannot be paid at Peoples National Bank. Electronic payment by automatic withdrawal from your account is also available by completing an application at City Hall.

Q. How do I sign up for water service?

A. You must apply for water service in person at City Hall. A photo ID is required. Tenants are required to pay a $125 deposit. Water deposits are refunded upon termination of service less any amount due and are not transferable to another address. Applicants providing proof of ownership will not be charged a deposit. Documents which would provide proof of ownership include: a deed for the property, an agreement for sale (which is usually signed when earnest money is paid), the settlement statement from mortgage loan papers, title policy or a personal contract for sale.

Q. The shut off valve is broken or my water meter is leaking, who do I call?

A. During normal business hours, call City Hall. If this is an emergency, after hours or on weekends, call the non-emergency number (309) 853-1911 at the Police Department and they will contact the appropriate personnel.

Q. If my water bill is unusually high, what can I do?

A. Be aware that your bill will be higher if during that billing period you: watered landscaping, had overnight guests, filled a pool, leaks from a water heater or water softener or the most common culprit...a "leaking" toilet. To test for a leaking toilet; put food coloring in the back of the toilet tank and wait 30 minutes without flushing. If colored water appears in the bowl of the toilet, the toilet is using water unnecessarily and needs adjusted or repaired. If the food color shows that there is not a toilet leak in your home, call our office to request a leak check to help you to determine if the leak is in your service line or elsewhere in your home.

Click Here for more water conservation information.

Q. I’ve just repaired a leak. Can I get an adjustment on my bill?

A. Water relief forms are available at City Hall. For more information on the requirements for water relief, call or visit our office.

Q. Are there reduced water rates for filling swimming pools or irrigating lawns and gardens?

A. No. All billings for water and sanitary sewer charges are based solely on volume of water used.

Q. I suddenly do not have water, what should I do?

A. If you have a water filter system, check the filter for blockage. Also, check for frozen or broken pipes. If none of these conditions exist, call the water department for service.

Contact Info

Utility Billing Clerk   309-852-2611 ext 223

General FAQ’s

Q. How do I dispose of large trash items?

A. Large item pickup is scheduled for Mondays only, holidays excluded. The cost for removal of a large item is $10.00. Stickers for this service may only be purchased at City Hall. You may use your free transfer station coupon to have any two (2) items picked up at the curb, free of charge. Large items can be taken to the transfer station for disposal. All loads taken to the transfer station must be covered by a tarp. The cost for dumping at the transfer station can be found at link to city code regarding transfer station costs.

Q. How do I dispose of yard waste or branches?

Curb-side landscape waste bag collection uses biodegradable, 2-ply Kraft paper bags purchased by the user at a retail store of their choice. To be collected by the City, users must attach a $0.50 City of Kewanee Excess Bag sticker to each landscape waste bag. City of Kewanee Excess Bag stickers may be purchased at City Hall, Ayerco, Beck Oil on 2nd St, Beck South, Farm King, JoJo's Convenience Store, CVS Drug, Shell Express, Sullivan Foods & Walgreen's. Landscape waste bags are picked up on Mondays only between approximately March 15th and the first Monday of December. If a holiday falls during a particular week, landscape waste will not be picked up that week. It will be picked up on the following Monday. Bags should be set out on Sunday night. The number of landscape waste bags that may be set out for pickup is unlimited. During the months of April, May, October and November, Wednesdays and Saturdays are designated burn days in the City, if conditions are favorable. Check back on this website, listen to the Kewanee radio station or call City Hall to get information regarding a burn day. (Call 852-2611 then press 6 for automated information on burn days). Only landscape waste may be burned.

Q. I want to dig in my yard, can you locate the water line?

A. Call the Joint Utility Locating information for Excavators (JULIE) at 811 or 1-800-892-0123 and provide at least 48 hours advance notice. They will notify all member utilities, who will locate buried facilities in the area. This includes water, sewer, storm sewer, electrical, natural gas, phone and cable.

Q. How do I dispose of old paint cans?

A. If the paint can is empty and the paint is dried, you may place the can in your regular garbage. If the paint is not dried, you may use cat litter to dry up the paint and then, when the paint is dried, you may place the can in the regular garbage.

Cemetery FAQ’s

Q. Where can I get information on the cemeteries?

A. You may purchase graves at City Hall, as well as obtaining information on where an individual is interred.

Contact Info

Cemetery Clerk   309-852-2611 ext 224

Ambulance Billing FAQ’s

Q. Who should I contact about my ambulance bill?

A. Initial billing services are provided by the Henry County Health Department for rescue squad and ambulance services. Please contact the Health Department at (309) 852-0197 with any questions or concerns about your ambulance bill. After 4 months, delinquent accounts are returned to the City for further action. For questions regarding older accounts, please contact the following:

Contact Info

Ambulance Clerk   309-852-2611 ext 224

Permit & License FAQ’s

Q. How can I find out where my property lines are?

A. The most accurate way is to hire a surveyor and have them set pins. You can also look at our maps at City Hall. We can offer some suggestions to help you get a good idea where your lot lines are, but they are not as accurate as a survey.

Q. When is a building permit required?

  • Constructing or altering a structure. Structures includes buildings, houses, garage, all swimming pools over 24, or more, inches deep, storage shed, gazebo, yard barns, whether portable or not.
  • Constructing an addition to a structure.
  • Changing the pitch on a roof.
  • Installation of metallic siding on a building.
  • Demolish or move a structure.
  • Change the occupancy of a structure. For example changing an office building into a restaurant.

There is no licensing required for obtaining building permits. All work must be done in compliance with the 2006 International Building Code, 2006 International Residential Building Code, 2006 International Property Maintenance Code, 2006 BOCA National Fire Prevention Code, Illinois Accessibility Code and Kewanee Zoning Regulations.

Q. When is a building permit not required?

  • Fences.
  • Replacing the roof covering of a building.
  • Installation of non-metallic siding.
  • Installation of a swimming pool less than 24 inches deep.
  • Replacing an existing porch with another porch of the same size.
  • Non-structural repairs and routine maintenance to existing structures. This may be such items as replacing windows, replacing roof coverings, painting, etc.

Q. When is an electrical permit required?

  • Installation of any new electrical wiring or equipment.
  • Alterations to any electrical wiring or equipment.
  • Additions to any electrical wiring or equipment.

Only licensed electricians may perform electrical work, with the exception that a person may perform electrical work at their residence. No matter who does the work, it all must be done in compliance with the 2008 National Electrical Code and Kewanee City Code.

Q. When is a plumbing permit required?

  • Installation of new piping or plumbing fixtures.
  • Installation of new water and/or sanitary sewer service.
  • Additions to existing piping or plumbing fixtures.
  • Alterations to existing piping or plumbing fixtures.
  • Any changes in piping to or from fixtures, or the removal, replacement, installation, or re-installation of piping or plumbing fixtures.

Only licensed plumbers may perform plumbing work, with the exception that a person may perform plumbing work at their residence. No matter who does the work, it all must be done in compliance with the State of Illinois Plumbing Code.

Q. When is a mechanical permit required?

  • Installing new HVAC systems.
  • Altering existing HVAC systems.
  • Replacement of an existing HVAC system.

There are no licensing requirements for HVAC system installers. All work done must be in compliance with the 2006 International Mechanical Code.

Contact Info

Permit Clerk   309-852-2611 ext 222

City of Kewanee ~ 401 East Third Street ~ Kewanee Illinois ~ 61443 ~ 309-852-2611